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3-Year-Old Besties Hilariously Bicker Like Old Women And Its All Over Nothing

September 21, 2017

This video cracks me up. These two girls are best friends and potential sisters, as their parents are dating. Madilyn's mom is dating Paityn's dad, so these two spend a lot of time together, as you can imagine. And today is just one of those days…

Three-year-olds being three-year-olds, each of the girls wants it her own way. Clearly, Paityn is not picking up what Madilyn is putting down, as she’s had it with Madilyn. Madilyn won't let it go and she keeps on "bugging" Paityn telling her, "You've got no best friends today!" Which Paityn responds with a strong, "I don't care."

Typical women, we fight each other one minute and are best friends the next. For more of these two adorable girls, watch the video, below, and enjoy. I promise it will bring some good ol' laughter into your life.

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