These Two Dogs Have Raised Over $50k To Help Other Animals In Need, Thanks To Their Internet Fame

September 25, 2017

Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds alive today. Part of the problem is that when people say 'Pit Bull,' they are referring to a type of dog, like a hound or a terrier, so there’s a lot of miscommunication about breeds. One breed commonly labeled as a Pit Bull is the English Staffordshire Terrier. Two English Staffordshire Terriers on Instagram are doing their absolute best to show the world that they aren’t vicious - and I dare say, they’re definitely succeeding!

Darren and Phillip are two magnificent blue-colored English Staffordshire Terriers who have risen to Instagram fame as a result of their gorgeous looks...and their affinity for cuddling. The two Blueboys, as they’re affectionately referred to, are the absolute masters of snuggling up together, and it’s helped them earn over 361,000 followers!

As the Blueboys break down stereotypes about Pit Bull-type dogs, they also help raise money for rescues all around the world! These handsome pups have their very own clothing line of cute dog hoodies and dog onesie pajamas (with matching ones for their owners of course!) 20% of the proceeds from the clothing line gets donated to the shelters, and they’ve managed to raise over $50,000 for charity. These magnificent pups are breaking down stereotypes, one adorable photo at a time.

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