These Two Sisters Have The Best Advice For You: 'If You Need Anything Call Jesus'

October 20, 2017

These adorable sisters, Dani (7) and Dannah (6), have done it again and hit the World-Wide-Web with another viral video. The girls give us some much-needed advice, and this time it's all about Jesus.

"There's a lot of things going on in the world. Here's some advice for any and everything just — call Jesus!" Dani says in the new video. That's when little sister Dannah chimes in and says, "If your boyfriend breaks up with you call Jesus, don't call Tyrone!" And she says it with her larger-than-life attitude and adorable personality.

Their mom took to Instagram and posted the girls’ advice, and people are soaking up every minute of it. I did some more searching through their mom’s Instagram account and found so many more videos, all expounding important advice they have for us "adults" - based on scripture verses.

These sisters have huge personalities, and we know they will make it far in life. So glad they have an amazing mom and role model for them to look up to. Can't wait to see what God does in and through their lives as they give glory to Him through their Instagram fame. Watch the video, below, and I promise it will bless you.

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