They Wait In Anticipation For A Famous Train To Pass By. But Then The Unexpected Happens In The Most Hilarious Way

September 05, 2017

It's finally time. After waiting an entire hour for this famous train to pass by, they see it in the distance and the anticipation rises. You can sense the excitement in the air. But wait, there is another train. Oh no!

In a flash, the moment they are looking forward to is ruined in the most hilarious way. One of the men is heard saying “Oh, bloody hell!” as their view of the famous locomotive is blocked in a most hilarious way.

The tourists have been eagerly waiting for an hour, at a crossing in Offord Cluny, Huntingdonshire, in England, to see the Flying Scotsman, when the train finally approaches. Their cameras are out, the excitement rising, when the most unexpected thing happens that we all have to laugh about.

We’re definitely not laughing at them, though; we’re laughing with them! They have a great sense of humor and show it by posting the video for us all to enjoy. We can’t thank them enough for making such great lemonade out of their unfortunate lemons.

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