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This 1950s Kitchen Is So Gorgeous, And It Just So Happens To Be Completely Untouched

January 02, 2018

When furniture maker Nathan Chandler bought a home from the 1950s, he was amazed to realize the house had never been lived in until his purchase in 2010. The house stood for almost 60 years as a relic of history, a museum of times gone by. He knew that he had to document the gorgeous house and share it with the internet, and everyone is so grateful he did.

Nowadays, a powder pink house would be seen as a design nightmare, but it wasn’t always that way! In fact, pink was an extremely popular color for kitchens and bathrooms following World War II. The color was known as “Mamie Pink”, named after the favorite color of First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. Mamie loved the color so much that even her cotton balls were Mamie Pink!

First Lady Mamie was often viewed as a symbol of hope for the future by people during the time, and it wasn’t hard to see why. Mamie was ladylike and down-to-earth. She loved to wear noisy charm bracelets and play scrabble. In fact, she even loved to watch soap operas and serve T.V. dinners!

When she decorated the presidential headquarters, there was an abundance of the lovely color that was sure to bring a smile to people’s faces. With Mamie’s influence, pink became the symbol for class, refinement, and patriotism, not “girly” or “feminine” as it is now viewed. It’s no surprise then, that this kitchen took on such a brilliant pink sheen.

When Nathan first checked out the kitchen, he was amazed to find that the appliances were completely unused, and even had the original user manuals taped to them! One of the most surprising finds, however, was the top-loading dishwasher! That is certainly one appliance that is never seen anymore in today's kitchens.

Personally, my favorite part of the kitchen would have to be either the beautiful pink stove or the oven. They both bring a lovely charm to the home that is lacking in so many houses nowadays; perhaps it’s time for pink to come back into fashion! Although Nathan is renovating the home, we hope he leaves the wonderful kitchen in the shape in which he found it so that it can be enjoyed the way it was always meant to be.

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