This Adorable Bunny Rabbit's Photos Are Sure To Leave You With A Big Grin On Your Face

September 05, 2017

Bunny rabbits are some of the most beloved pets, and it’s not hard to see why! With their big floppy ears and adorable button noses, these magnificent creatures have no trouble winning over the hearts of the masses. One adorable bunny, named Exempel, is determined to make sure everyone sees how cute they can be.

Exempel is a six year-old Mini Lop who lives in Sweden with his adoring owner. This cute little rabbit is all white, except for his adorable gray nose and the tips of his ears! He loves to go outside to play, bounding around in the grass. Exempel is so adorable his owner often likes to joke that he’s actually part koala.

This sweet little rabbit rose to fame as the "high-fiving" bunny." Since then, he’s become an Instagram star, in his own right, for just his adorable looks. He no longer has to perform any tricks to get recognition. Thanks to over 2,000 photos of his adorable bunny moments, he has amassed over 177,000 followers!

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