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This Adorable Cat Is Having The Worst Hair Day Ever, But It Just Won't Stop! When You Get A Glimpse Of His Hysterical Hair, You Won't Be Able To Hold Back Your Laughter

September 12, 2017

Atchoum is an adorable Persian cat who lives with his loving family in Quebec, Canada. He was born in May of 2014, and looked like a normal cat until he got a little older. Atchoum was diagnosed with Werewolf Syndrome as a kitten, and is the only known cat to have the condition. Werewolf Syndrome just means that he has fast and continual hair growth, and extremely thick claws.

It’s a good thing that Atchoum’s mom is a groomer, because they need to continuously groom the playful little cat. Of course, his momma loves his crazy hair style so she doesn’t groom his face too much so he can be adorable!

Atchoum’s favorite toy is a stuffed jaguar with a very large head and eyes! They call they toy “The Enemy” and the two have a love-hate relationship. Atchoum also adores water and ice cubes! He loves to race towards the fridge whenever it makes a sound. His family adores this peculiar little cat, and so do we!

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