This Adorable Family Of Pigs Will Leave You Seeing Pigs In A Whole New Light

September 06, 2017

Mini Pigs are spectacular pets and highly intelligent animals. These brilliant creatures are often viewed as disgusting and dumb, which is simply not true. They tend to take to potty-training very quickly and don’t smell at all, if properly cared for! One family, in East Tennessee, is determined to change the way that people view these entertaining pets.

Kookie is an adorable spotted female pig who went to live with her new family when she weighed only two pounds. They never expected her to grow to 250 pounds, as she is a mini pig. The breeders apparently forgot to tell them that 250 pounds is considered “mini” for pigs. Her sparkling personality won her family over, though, and, no matter the weight, they are now pig lovers!

Kookie was soon joined by Kipper and a whole host of other pigs that the family absolutely adores. Now, they have an Instagram account where you can see the cute pics of this not-so-little family! The gorgeous photos are guaranteed to leave you with a big grin on your face, that’s for sure!

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