This Adorable Pup Has Over 2.1 MILLION Followers On Instagram, And It’s Not Hard To See Why

September 22, 2017

Shelter dogs can often have a bad reputation; some people argue that if they hadn’t been bad, they wouldn’t be at the shelter in the first place; it’s a very sad fact that this is a pretty commonly-held belief. Not all people feel this way, however; all sorts of fabulous folks around the world are teaming up to disprove the theory, and to show that sometimes, awesome dogs end up at shelters due to terrible circumstances. One former shelter dog from Los Angeles has dedicated her life to proving that shelter dogs are the best!

Marnie is a sweet Shih Tzu who found herself running loose on the streets of Connecticut in 2012, before being picked up by animal control. Shirley Braha is a television producer who fell in love with Marnie at first sight. In 2014, Shirley made the decision to create an Instagram account for her pup. Since then Marnie has skyrocketed to Internet Fame! In fact, she has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram, thanks to her adorable looks. This pup even has her very own Wikipedia page!

Marnie had a few teeth removed after being rescued, which contributes to her unique looks, as it causes her tongue to flop out of her mouth. Her head is also permanently tilted to the left, most likely from a disease she suffered as a pup. This canine has definitely come a long way, from living alone as a stray to posing with all sorts of celebrities to raise awareness about stray dogs.

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