Adorable Shiba Inu Shows How Far Her Breed Has Come. With Her Good Looks She’s Definitely Succeeding

September 21, 2017

Shiba Inus are, without a doubt, the most beloved dogs on the internet. One look at their playful attitudes and their adorable faces and you’ll understand why these dogs have risen to fame. What most people don’t know, though, is Shiba Inus were bred to be hunting dogs! With their gentle looks and sweet temperaments, though, you would never expect them to have been designed to kill small animals. This breed has come a long way from its gruesome beginnings and one delightful Shiba, named Sana, is showing the world just how far.

Sana is a cream-colored Shiba Inu who lives with her owner in Japan, where the breed originated. Sana is one of the most beautiful Shibas around, which is why she has quickly risen to Instagram stardom. In fact, this gorgeous girl has earned over 150,000 followers!

Sana is a sweetheart who lets her owner try out all sorts of things on her, anything from stylish outfits to homemade wigs! She loves to cuddle up to her owner, or even pose with silly-looking scraps of cloth on her ears. Sana is definitely doing her best to show the world that Shibas are no longer the killing machines they were once bred to be!

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