This Adorable Squirrel Was Rescued From A Hurricane By One Caring Woman. Now She Is Living Safe And Happy

September 06, 2017

Hurricanes are terrifying, with their extremely strong gusts and the flooding they cause. No matter how frightening they are, they do have one positive consequence; they tend to draw people together. Hurricane Isaac struck Louisiana in 2012. Even though it was only a category one, Isaac caused the deaths of 41 people. Animals of all types suffered greatly in the storm, as well, but one squirrel got the second chance she needed.

Jill, the squirrel, was knocked unconscious during this horrible storm, but was lucky enough to be saved by one caring woman. She took good care of Jill, rehabilitating the gentle little squirrel, and eventually adopting her. Jill now lives in the home with her savior where she is spoiled rotten and is living an amazingly happy life. Her only fear in life now is the evil vacuum cleaner.

Jill’s adoring owner created her her very own Instagram account, which is overflowing with the most adorable photos of a squirrel you will ever see. Jill can be found napping, goofing around, eating, and just being a silly squirrel. During the tough times brought on by this Hurricane season, we need to remember to help one another, a lesson that Jill’s mom definitely learned.

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