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This Baby Announcement Has Got Us Singing ‘Ice, Ice Baby.’ Wait Till You Hear This Parody

November 08, 2017

The rapper, aka dad, actually wrote a song about their unborn baby. In their video announcement, dad the rapper spits out some sick lyrics while his wife Sarah and their two kids are his backup dancers. They named the song, “Thrice Thrice Baby,” in honor of their third baby that they are expecting this Fall.

The proud father Rick Weber says, “We have received nothing but positive feedback from our friends and family. Many of them have said this is the best baby announcement they’ve ever seen." This is not the first time for this new daddy writing a parody to a hit song, however. It should be no surprise that his lyrics were on-point because the poppa is actually a real-life musician who loves to create parody songs.

When Rick’s wife told him that they were expecting their third child, he wanted to incorporate his love for humor and music into the event. “When Sarah told me she wanted to do something fun for our announcement, I immediately began planning,” the dad remembers.

“I began with songs featuring the word ‘baby’ and soon thought of ‘Ice, Ice Baby’. Then, I realized this would be our third child, and ‘thrice’ fit perfectly with the song, so I just went along with it,” the rapper-wannabe reveals.

Though the family does not know if the baby will be a boy or a girl, they know that they will be expecting the baby in the Fall of 2017. Click the link to watch the incredible pregnancy announcement - Ice, Ice Baby! Here are the full lyrics, below.

“Yo, F-A-M, let's kick it,
“Alright stop, collaborate and listen,
“Webs are back with a brand-new addition,
“Someone is growing in Sarah’s belly,
“To join brother Joey and sister Adele,
“Will it be a boy, yo I don’t know,
“In nine months, we’ll know then fo sho,
“To the extreme, I rock the crib like a mad pro,
“Changing the diapers, got poo on my hand though,
“Bam, cos I’m very excited,
“To have a baby party and everyone’s invited,
“Toys, coming up to my eyeballs,
“Getting in a minivan with some kicking sidewalls,
“Sleep, now you know we won’t get none,
“But that’ll be ok cos the little ones are mad fun,
“I’m just here to spit what the facts is,
“About to get a better return on our taxes.
“Thrice, thrice baby x 3
“If got a bottle, yo ill warm it,
“Check out how quickly this diaper absorbs it,
“Thrice, thrice baby, two boys, two boys,
“Thrice, thrice baby, two girls, two girls,
“Thrice, thrice baby, this fall, this fall,
“Hey, let’s get out of here,
“Word to the mother.”

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