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This Babysitter-Turned-Bride Had 15 Kids In Her Wedding And It's Just Too Adorable Not To See

January 29, 2018

On her wedding day, this bride couldn't imagine her special day without these 15 special people in it. At Jennifer Wright's wedding in Gurley, Alabama, these 15 adorable boys and girls all graced the aisle of her November 18, 2017, nuptials.

“I love each and every one of them,” Wright, 28, said of the kids, who ranged in age from four to twelve. “They’re these special, wonderful, amazing human beings that I think are just wonderful. They’re a part of my family and I’m a part of their family in a way.”

“It wouldn’t have been the happiest day of my life without them being there,” she added. “They were phenomenal.” Jennifer began babysitting the kids in high school and continued to watch them throughout her college career; this force was a very strong bond between her and the kids. Years ago one of the girls had asked if she could be a flower girl in her wedding and of course, she said "Yes."

“I had no idea if I was ever going to get married, if I wanted to get married, if she’d still be interested, if she’d be too old,” Wright recalled. “Instead of explaining how uncertain my future was, I told her, ‘Yes, you can be my flower girl and your sister can, too.’”

From there, more children inquired about her wedding. “All of them were curious about this,” Jennifer said. “Usually if a kid was asking about the wedding, it was because they wanted to be a part of the wedding. I told them all yes. Why not? I love kids.”

“I thought for sure, the minute we made this promise it’d be forgotten in a couple days,” she said. “But the first little girl, she would ask me, ‘Are you going to let me be a part of your wedding still?’” In fact, all of the kids reminded her!

By the time she became engaged, Jennifer realized how much she truly wanted them in her wedding and she kept her promise, even as their parents offered her a way out. Her bridal party grew to include eight excited flower girls, four junior bridesmaids, and three ring bearers. “It was important to them and I wanted them there,” she said.

When the big day finally came, Jennifer said, “It was absolutely perfect." She continued, “No complaints. I couldn’t have been more impressed with all of them. They did such a great job. I loved that it was a special day for them too,” she said. “Most of them had never been a flower girl or junior bridesmaid or ring bearer, and it was kind of fun for them to have a big responsibility.”


“I felt nothing but love from the children,” Jennifer said. “My husband likes to call me the Pied Piper. Especially at our wedding, I was surrounded by kids almost the entire time and I loved it. They’re some of my closest friendships.”

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