This Brilliant Life Hack Will Show You How To Double Your Veggies Without Doubling Your Grocery Bill

September 12, 2017

At the beginning of each year, most people choose a resolution that seems doable for their lifestyles and personal schedules. They valiantly attempt to stick to their new regime as closely as possible. As luck would have it, schedules change and, before you know it, that resolution is a mere idea from days passed. One thing that most vow to do is to spend the entire year working on eating healthier.

For some, this means cutting out sodas and sugary treats. For others, it means consuming less fried foods in exchange for vibrant fruits and vegetables. If you’ve found yourself opting to eat more brightly-colored foods, you’ve likely realized that this lifestyle can lean a bit on the pricey side, especially if you purchase organic varieties of vegetation. In a perfect world, we could all have our own lush, pesticide-free gardens right at our fingertips. Living arrangements, however, can often limit this option quite drastically.

If you dream of this possibility, I have some very exciting news for you! Did you know that there is a way to accomplish this with the scraps from your previously purchased vegetation? Many of the vegetable scraps we tend to toss out are surprisingly useful and can be repurposed to grow new, pesticide-free plants! Believe it or not, there are possible and practical ways to regrow veggies from your veggie leftovers! All you need is a little patience and a little sunshine and, before you know it, you'll have your own mini produce section in the comfort of your own home. Check out the video, below, to see just how to achieve it.

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