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This Bulldog Might Have The Most Ridiculous Living Arrangement You've Ever Seen. People Are Seriously Jealous [VIDEO]

June 01, 2017


Whenever I think of a dog house, I think simple. We have all seen dog houses like Snoopy's from Charlie Brown. Four walls, a roof and that's it. My family and I had a dog that we kept inside, so we got him a kennel to sleep in if he wanted. Again, very simple. This bulldog's house, however, is anything but simple. 

At first glance, most people couldn't believe their eyes when they saw where Eggnog, the bulldog, slept every night. Not only was her dog house not outside, it was located in her parent's bedroom. Eggnog's house wasn't small either, considering it took up the entire underside of her parent's bed.  

The house came complete with storage for Eggnog's toys, lights so she could see, a faucet to keep her bowl filled with water, and a ramp so she could get up to her parent's bed if she needed them. Eggnog's doghouse seemed to have more room and amenities than your average studio apartment! Needless to say, Eggnog is living in luxury. WATCH the video below to see Eggnog's doggie apartment.  

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