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This Cat Has Never Let Her Disabilities Hold Her Back, Now She's Working Hard Every Day To Raise Awareness

August 18, 2017

Around the world, there are millions of strays waiting for homes. Sadly, a good portion of those are suffering from disabilities due to the fact that they are strays - either from malnutrition, or perhaps they picked up worms or a bug. One cat is working every day to raise awareness of this problem.

Bub was born in a tool shed in Rural Indiana on June 21, 2011. When she was found, it was clear that Bub was the runt of the litter. While all of her siblings were very healthy, it was clear that she would require special care for the rest of her life. When they realized what special care she would need, she was relinquished to the care of a local rescue where she was adopted by her loving Dad.

Bub was born with genetic abnormalities that has left her as a permanent kitten. Size wise, she will never grow to be much larger than a kitten, and will always look like a kitten rather than an adult cat. Bub also suffers from dwarfism, making her limbs too short. Her lower jaw extends past her upper jaw, and she has extra toes on each foot.

Bub runs an Instagram account where you can find over 1,900 adorable photos of her! You can join her 1,600,000 followers on Instagram to follow along with her playful antics! On Facebook, she has over 3 million followers that love to see how this adorable cat grows and how cute she is.

Bub has come a long way in her life from the young kitten they found abandoned in that tools shed. She has become a published author, talk show host, and even starred in an award winning documentary. She has raised over $300,000 for pets in need, and every day does her best to help animals around the world. 

Lil Bub has also started her very own fund, it is a first of it’s kind for the United States. Lil Bub’s Big Fund for the ASPCA is a fund specifically for pets with special needs.

Lil Bub’s hard work has helped countless animals in the United States, and she shows no sign of slowing down. At only 6 years old, she still has years of work ahead of her and there’s no knowing where she will go next.

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