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This Cat Was An Adorable Kitten And When People See Him Now They Are Mesmerized By Two Distinct Features

August 28, 2017

When it comes to our feline friends many people have certain breeds that they just find irresistible; my cousin, for example, loves the hairless cat called a Sphynx. I, on the other hand, prefer a big fluff ball of a cat. No matter what breed tickles your fancy, you, of course, think your cat is the most beautiful cat in the world!

Meet Coby. He may just be the most handsome cat on earth! Coby is a stunning British Shorthair who happens to have the most captivating baby-blue eyes I have ever seen! It is said that beauty is found in the eye of the beholder; in Coby’s case, most people see beauty when looking at him. How could you not?

Coby is loved by many people all over the world. He has his very own Facebook and an Instagram following of over one million people! Coby even has his own line of fashionable clothing, for humans, not cats.

People don’t just like him for his good looks, however. He is a genuinely charming fellow who is also on the photogenic side. Coby does normal cat things but also enjoys playing dress-up with his person. His pleasing personality, along with those exquisite peepers, has the world in love with this cat!

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