This Dog Is Revolutionizing The Way He Takes Walks And It Looks Like It’s Working To His Benefit!

June 20, 2017

One of my favorite things about having a dog is always having a partner; when I go to the park, I have a walking partner, when I go on a road trip, I have a someone riding shotgun, and when I’m just hanging out at home, I’ve got a cuddle buddy.

Although, there are times when I wish my dog could do a little more than just be next to me. For instance, I wish my dog could put a movie in, scoop out some butter pecan ice cream, and rub my feet at the end of the day. I know that’s not likely, but hey, a girl can dream!

After all, there’s one dog in town that is making some headway in the common doggy duties! Meet Franco: the 2-year-old corgi mix that grabs his own groceries. You read that correctly: this dog does his own shopping every day. This corgi-mix is a walking legend!


Franco is known around town as the “Doggy Shopper.” Every day, he goes into a pet store to pick out a toy or a treat. Sometimes he even grabs a whole bag of dog food! His owner, Julio, will pay for the goods but not before Franco is already out the door and halfway home.

Julio says Franco started carrying his own goodies home one day after a toy dropped off the register. He picked it up and walked right out. He carried his toy all the way home! Since then, Franco gladly volunteers his soft bite to carry his treats home from the pet store.

Franco, I’m thoroughly impressed! You are making doggy history with this awesome and adorable little trick! Let me know when you start scooping butter pecan and rocky road ice cream into bowls- I know someone who would appreciate that (wink wink). Check out Franco’s treat fetching skills below!

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