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This HYSTERICAL Dog Isn't Ready To Lose Title Of Being The Baby Of The House [VIDEO]

April 26, 2017

When the dog is the only "baby" in the house, they sure know it.

Everyone that comes to the house knows who runs the show and they shower the pooch with all of their attention.

They get all the sweet baby talk directed their way and they just eat that up!


What's a dog to do when they suddenly realized they're not the only one getting attention anymore?

Naturally, some tend to get a bit jealous. While the jealously does wears off in time, it's still not an easy transition for the pup to make when they know that their owner and visitors don't focus every ounce of their attention around them.


Knowing that you're no longer the baby of the house can be hard news for some. That surely was the case with this pooch and his reaction is absolutely hilarious!

When grandma comes over to visit, this little guy is accustomed to getting ALL of her loving! When he realizes that she's paying more attention to the new tiny human, he has to set the record straight!

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