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This Dog Was Found With So much Excess Fur, They Filled 4 Trash Bags With His Hair

November 17, 2017

This story begins with an old Russian man passing away. He was the owner of an Old English Sheepdog whom he loved and cherished. After his passing, however, his beloved pup was sent to relatives who were the last people on earth who should have ever had him.

Over the course of the next year, he was terribly neglected by his new owners. They supplied him with just enough food and water to keep him alive. His thick coat became so heavily-matted that he could barely walk. After 12 months of his horror, authorities heard about the dog and came to his rescue. When rescuers arrived they found the dog covered in a stinking mass of hair which had feces and urine soaked into it.

Dog worker Vitaly Kornilova said, "He could barely walk and was in a pitiful state. Relatives called us to take him away because they decided they wanted to sell the flat now that the inheritance paperwork had been completed." The new owners didn't care for the dog at all and didn't even know his name, so rescuers named him Cocos.

Cocos is a Bobtail, which is a breed of Old English Sheepdog. This breed grows a particularly thick coat. It took six workers three hours to shave Cocos and groom him properly. His hair was so matted that he didn't even look like a dog. They had to cut off clumps of hair to even get in a position where they could shave him.

Groomers filled several bags with all of his matted hair. Although he was finally freed from his horrible ordeal, Cocos’ journey was not over yet. Once he was shaved, they realized the condition the dog was really in. He had abscesses and sores all over his body. His hair had covered all of his pain for the past year.

His condition was worse than they had thought, and he needed a lot of help to fully recover. He underwent many days and weeks of treatment to get him healthy again. Cocos was a champ through it all. This happy and sweet dog returned to his normal self after being treated with love and care. It's amazing what love can do.

Good news: Cocos found a loving, forever home with a woman named Elena, who is very familiar with Bobtails. She has helped him make a full recovery. Elena has been able to provide Cocos with all the care he needs - plenty of exercises, lots of attention, and, of course, regular grooming sessions. Coco's story and transformation is nothing short of a miracle. We are so happy for this sweet boy!

We believe that every animal deserves a loving, forever home. If you are in the market for a dog or cat, please check with your local animal shelter. There are many amazing animals that are looking and waiting for a second chance with a loving family.

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