This Dog’s Transformation Is Incredible To See. Check Out Angel After She Is Saved

November 16, 2017

This is Angel. This poor dog was extremely neglected, dehydrated, and starved when she got to the animal hospital by Rescue From The Hart. On their website, Rescue From The Hart says they are a "groundbreaking, 501c3 non-profit Los Angeles dog rescue group, that works with local and global communities to effect change.”

“By sharing stories about our rescue efforts via social media, we aim to inspire others to take action within their own communities. Whether you rescue, foster, adopt, volunteer, donate, advocate, or ‘share’ - you too can give hope to abandoned and forgotten animals everywhere."

When Angel was brought to the vet she was just skin and bones. You could see every rib in her body and she was so weak that she couldn't stand on her own. It was so sad that someone had allowed this precious pup to endure such pain before she was rescued and given a chance at life.

At the veterinary office, doctors and staff at the hospital were not sure if they could do anything to help her; she needed a miracle to survive and there was no time to waste. The staff at the hospital started her road to recovery immediately. They had to be careful not to feed her too much at first; she had to eat small amounts because too much food too soon could kill her.

Because of Rescue From The Hart, Angel began to thrive and, slowly but surely, she regained her strength and was able to support herself again. She started to walk, run, and play. She even made friends with other dogs at the animal hospital. She became a happy, loving dog. The vets and staff couldn't be happier.

Angel is now a happy and healthy dog. She is loving life. She even found a forever home with a loving family who will make sure she never feels alone or neglected again. We are so happy for Angel. Watch the video, below, and see her transformation.

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