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This Encounter Between Baby Goat And White German Shepherd Is One Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

September 18, 2017

I love the way animals are able to sense when a baby animal is in need of care or mothering. The older, more mature animal normally fosters the baby animal or adopts it as one of its very own. Most commonly, this relationship can be observed between a dog and a puppy, cat and kitten, or a cow and a newborn calf. They’re able to form a close bond even though they’re not related by blood.

When you view this video, you will be pleasantly surprised by the unique brand of mothering that is taking place. An unbreakable bond has formed between these two very different types of animals, ones rarely seen together in close-quarters: a white German Shepherd named Shadow, and a baby Pygmy goat. The baby goat lies close to Shadow, content, half asleep while staying warm by snuggling. Shadow is in love with this baby goat, as well, and shows her affection by licking him, and just loving on the precious bundle by her side.

The beautiful relationship between this dog and baby goat is beyond adorable; you too will fall in love with how much they delight in one another. This little one has found her mother and Shadow has found a baby to love. It’s a special display of cuteness that you definitely need to see for yourself!

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