This Frenchie Has Almost 3 Million Followers, Making Him The Most Famous Bulldog On The Internet

September 29, 2017

The French Bulldog, or "Frenchie" as they are affectionately known, is one of the most famous dog breeds around. With their good looks and amazing personalities, they’ve been winning over the hearts of people all around the globe! Manny is a purebred French Bulldog from Chicago who was born in February of 2011 and just so happens to be the most famous Bulldog on the internet today.

Manny, named after renowned boxer, Manny Pacquiao, has almost three million followers across all of his social media platforms, 1.8 million on Facebook and one million on Instagram. Of course, being the good dog he is, he spends most of his time raising awareness for charities.

Manny hasn’t let his fame go to his head, however, and still enjoys being an ordinary, everyday dog whenever he can! Some of his favorite things to do are playing soccer with ice cubes, taking walks, and playing with his siblings, Leila and Frank. Like many of us, one of his favorite things of all is bacon! This rambunctious pup may be a star, but he loves to be a regular dog every chance he gets.

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