This Glorious Cat Is Like No Other. When You See All The Adventures This Feline Goes On, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

September 20, 2017

Cats are magnificently noble creatures, known for their regal and uncaring attitudes. They tend to ignore the commands of their humans so we are forced to keep them locked in the house for their own safety. Sadly, when outdoors unattended, these felines can destroy entire ecosystems or end up killed in horrible accidents. One gorgeous cat from Canada however, has earned her right to accompany her family outdoors.

Suki is a stunning Bengal Cat with the most magnificent ocean blue eyes you’ve ever seen. Suki is quite unlike other cats as she has no fear of water, and loves to hike! Her loving owner has started Suki her very own Instagram account where she catalogues all of this mischievous feline’s adventures, for all to see.

In these breath-taking photos, you can see Suki in all sorts of places one wouldn’t expect to see a house cat. In fact, this brave cat seems to love posing on rocks near lakes or rivers, staring up at the trees watching birds, or taking advantage of the perch her mother’s backpack provides. It’s safe to say that this outstanding cat is the most regal of all felines.

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