This Grandpa Is Known To Many As The "ICU Grandpa." Your Heart Will Melt With His Love For These Babies

October 11, 2017

Sometimes babies need a little extra love in their lives, especially if they are in the NICU. Moms and dads can’t be there 24/7, so that's where this man steps in to fill the void.

David Deutchman, a retired grandpa, has taken on a job as the "ICU grandpa.” He has been volunteering at Atlanta hospitals for 12 years and explains about the experience that changed his life and set him on the path to working with the tiniest of patients. On that day, he found himself in two separate encounters with moms of newborns.

"I went to help escort a child to the schoolroom, and the mom said she's going into surgery," Deutchman said. "She followed me into the hallway and proceeded to tell me every detail of the child's condition and what's going on."

Even though Deutchman was shocked that this mom had told him, a stranger, all about her child's condition, he was also honored that she had found comfort in him. As he walked down the hall he then saw another woman walking out of the pediatric intensive care unit, clearly upset. She told him that her son had been flown to the hospital the night before, and his condition was not looking good.

"She comes into my arms and starts crying," Deutchman said. "After that day, I went to the volunteer office and told them, 'I now know what I want to do at the hospital.'" And he has been in the NICU ever since. He now visits the hospital twice a week and nurses say he’s a treasure. “He’s a really special person,” said one of the nurses. “We’re so grateful for him to be a part of our unit and be a baby-buddy.”


This is so sweet! I mean, who doesn't love, babies? Clearly, this man is leading the charge for us all to follow. Watch the video, below, and I promise you’ll get a little inspiration from this grandpa. You may need to grab the tissues, though.

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