This Grumpy Bulldog's Best Friend Is A Cat And He Won't Go On Walks With Anyone But Him.

June 19, 2017

Last year, my wife and I were talking about getting a dog. I wanted boxer or a bulldog, but she wanted something smaller. I tried to convince her that a bulldog was small enough and that she would love having one, but she did not seem to like the look of them. That is until she met my Aunt's bulldog "Precious." Precious loved to run and play, which wasn't typical for a bulldog of her size. My wife said we could get a bulldog, as long as it was exactly like Precious. Unlike Precious, the bulldog in this story does not like to do much, except when his cat brother is around.

When Chubby's family brought him home, they noticed he did not care for most things. Maybe he had an attitude because they named him Chubby. Chubby was a bulldog who made it quite clear that he was not your run of the mill bulldog. He did like fruit or cuddling and despised going on walks. Until he met a new member of the family. A cat named Eddie.

Whenever Eddie was around, Chubby was more adept to go on walks. Chubby did not like kisses unless they came from Eddie. Even though Chubby liked walking with Eddie, his favorite activity was always nap time. Nap time, to Chubby,  was all the time. Despite being grumpy, Chubby loved hanging out with his family, on his terms of course. Chubby may not like much, but he loves his brother and his family no matter what! WATCH the video below to see Chubby and his adorable relationship with Eddie and his family!

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