This Handsome Dog Has Over Half A Million Followers. When You See His Photos, You’ll Understand Why

September 26, 2017

Dougie is a handsome Shih Tzu who has skyrocketed to Internet fame courtesy of his dashing good looks! This Shih Tzu lives in the East Bay of San Francisco with his two doting owners. Soon after he was born on January 28, 2013, his new parents started him his own Instagram and Youtube accounts where they shared cute and funny videos of him being goofy!

Dougie is one of the most photogenic pups on the Internet today and with his gorgeous photos, it’s quite easy to see why. Not only is he a famous dog on his own, but he’s made friends with some other famous dogs too! Dougie has been photographed with multiple other canine stars, but the most notable of them would be Marnie!

His Facebook account has over 83,000 followers, but his real prize and claim to fame is his Instagram account where over 529,000 people follow along with his adventures. Dougie has become so famous he even has his very own online shop where you can buy all sorts of adorable merchandise like magnets, pins, or keychains! In fact, there’s even a downloadable keyboard of funny Dougie emojis!

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