This Horse Is Turning Heads Because It Is Known As The Most Handsome Horse In The World

October 23, 2017

I grew up riding horses and was always a big fan of any horse that moved! I was obsessed to say the least; I spent many days after school at a local horse stable. I have always loved horses but I have never seen a horse as beautiful as this stallion.

This is Frederik the Great, a Friesian Stallion; some say he is the world’s most handsome horse. He lives at Pinnacle Friesians in the Ozarks. According to Wikipedia - The Friesian (also Frizian) is a horse breed originating in Friesland, in the Netherlands. Although the conformation of the breed resembles that of a light draught horse, Friesians are graceful and nimble for their size.

Black is the typical color for a Friesian, and the chestnut-colored Fresians are generally not accepted for registration for stallions, though it is sometimes allowed for mares and geldings.

Random facts about Friesians - Through the Early Middle Ages and High Middle Ages, their size enabled them to carry a knight in armor. In the Late Middle Ages, heavier, draught-type animals were needed. Though the breed nearly became extinct on more than one occasion, the modern-day Friesian Horse is growing in numbers and popularity, used both in harness and under saddle. Most recently, the breed has been introduced to the field of Dressage. (according to Wikipedia)

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