This Horse Just Can't Leave This Cameraman Alone - Watching Them Together Will Leave Crying From Laughter

August 01, 2017

Horses can be mischievous creatures with a penchant for getting themselves into as much trouble as they can possibly manage. Some horses like to do silly things like stealing their owner’s hat and running to the opposite end of the field or overturning the box of grooming supplies. Well, the horse in this video has decided that this cameraman’s ear looks very fun!


Greg Harriott is a cameraman for the show Born To Explore that was filming an episode in Chile about horses who caught the attention of the mischievous horse in question, Chunchun. Greg was actively trying to film an interview that the host of the show was having with the owner of Chunchun when Chunchun decided that Greg looked like a convenient chew toy.


Greg is a champ who doesn’t break focus as the horse nibbles on his ear, pulls his shirt collar back and lips his head. Chunchun seems to just be in love with Greg and wants Greg’s attention. Sadly for Chunchun, Greg doesn’t respond to his hilarious advances.


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