This Horse's Owner Went On A Three Week Vacation, Their Reunion Is Truly Beautiful

July 31, 2017

Horses are very bonded with their herds, and they don’t always take it very well when their herd mates are gone for any period of time. For horses, their herd doesn’t only have to be made up of other horses. Their herds can be made up of horses, goats, sheep, dogs, but one of the most important members of their herd is their human.

When the owner of this beautiful boy went away on vacation for 3 weeks back in 2008, he couldn’t help but miss his herd mate. This poor boy missed the scratches and companionship she would provide him with. He didn’t quite understand why she was missing, so her return was even more spectacular in his eyes!

When she entered the gate and called out to him for the first time, you could see his ears prick as he turned towards her voice. You can see the moment he realizes who is at the gate, because he can’t hold himself back. He races up to her as fast as he can to greet his herd mate for the first time in weeks. He allows her to make the final approach of the last few feet and then nuzzles her, as if checking her over for injury.  


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