This Horse Suffered Horrible Abuse At The Hands Of His Previous Owner. Thanks To One Woman And Another Horse, He’s Been Able To Overcome All He Endured

September 19, 2017

Norah Kohle is a Swedish horse trainer who has dedicated her life to working with a wide variety of horses. In April of 2017, when her beautiful gelding, Conny, was forced to retire, she made a trip to Portugal in hopes of adding a stunning Lusitano to her herd.

Upon her arrival, she met a beautiful gray horse that had the most gorgeous dappling on his coat. His name was Jaquetão and he was a charming, untamed soul. Jaquetão had been given the opportunity to live wild and free, like horses should when they are young. During the first three years of his life, he was allowed to run wild; Jaquetão came in only once a year, for his shots and a vet checkup. He was not worked once during his time of freedom, so, when Norah first met this majestic boy he was untouched. After meeting him twice, she knew he was the horse for her.

During the course of the trip, though, Norah’s guide told her about a herd of horses they could go see. Norah wanted to check them out, even though she’d already purchased Jaquetão. They rock-climbed down to the garden where the horses were. There, they were horrified to discover a barn full of animals that were suffering terrible abuse. Tucked away into a back corner was one spectacular horse, shivering with fear as he tried to avoid any human contact. His name was Importante, but he would soon be known as Silverboy.

From the first moment they had him out in the paddock, Norah felt a strong connection to the gorgeous stallion. She despised the idea of leaving the terrified horse in the hands of his abusers but, believing that the owners should not be rewarded for the abuse they had inflicted, she hesitated to fork over the asking price the stallion. Knowing that she could not abandon Importante/Silverboy, she offered a lower amount than they requested, and thankfully they accepted.

While Norah was making arrangements to transport the gorgeous horses to her home, Jaquetão’s breeders allowed Silverboy to stay on their ranch with Jaquetão. The two boys quickly became good friends. Though Silverboy still feared humans, he began to warm up to the situation, thanks to his companion.

The trip home was a long one, and it seemed it would never end. When they finally arrived, Jaquetão was excited; he didn't seem to have been bothered by the move. When he entered his stall, he quickly dropped down to roll around in the fresh shavings. Silverboy, on the other hand, had been quite scared during the drive. Thanks to his partner’s calm demeanor, however, he did not freak out.

Norah loves her two boys and, although they may look like twins, their personalities could not be more different. Silverboy is rather introverted and is guided by his feelings; this personality type is more to Norah’s liking. Jaquetão is outgoing and guided by his thoughts rather than emotions, providing Norah with the challenge she needs. These three companions complete each other in ways they could not have expected, and I’m so grateful they found each other.

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