This Internet Star Has Over Half A Million Followers. When You Hear Who She Lives With, You Won’t Believe You Didn’t Recognize Her

September 27, 2017

As the world progresses, new dog breeds are being created every day for a variety of reasons. Most of the new “designer breeds,” as they’re being called, are being produced to serve as companion animals. One of the newer designer breeds is the Malshi which is a mix of a Maltese and Shih-Tzu. The resulting pups are known for being friendly and absolutely gorgeous!

Chloe Mae is a magnificent Malshi who lives with her doting owners, Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole, who are sibling YouTube stars. Chloe was born in May of 2014 and was adopted by her loving owners in August of 2014. Together, her doting parents started Chloe Mae her very own Instagram account which has been home to this star ever since. Now, Chloe has 460,000 followers on her personal Instagram.

Through her fame, Chloe Mae is doing her best to show that these new designer breeds are certainly worth keeping around! This incredible pup is a pro at posing for photographs and always knows just what to do to get the best shot every time. She’s even starred in several of Alisha Marie’s more popular YouTube videos such as “Chloe’s Morning Routine” and “Chloe’s birthday Party Extravaganza.”

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