Cutest Chipmunk Ever. When You See How He Eats, You’ll Understand Why He’s So Beloved

September 21, 2017

Chipmunks are some of the most intriguing animals on the planet. One look at their beautifully-colored fur and you’ll be under their spell. It’s hard not to love these absolutely captivating critters, especially when they’re nibbling on their favorite treats. In Japan, Chipmunks are commonly kept as pets and one little guy is starring on the internet, proving just how adorable they are.

Raw is an enchanting chipmunk who has won the hearts of over 25,000 Instagram followers who all love to watch this playful little guy. His owner shares at least one photo of him every day, so there are nearly 7,000 photos of Raw doing all sorts of delightful things, but some of the most beloved photos on his account are the ones where he is eating a delicious little snack.

It’s such fun to watch tiny rodents eating: grasping food that seems so much larger in their hands, and their bewitching nibbling motions. Raw is absolutely the cutest chipmunk on the internet today, and, really, is it hard to see why?

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