This Itty, Bitty, Kitty is the Sweetest Thing Around. Rejected By Her Mother, Her Very Survival Is at Risk. One Man Steps Up and Saves Her Life in the Most Adorable Way

September 06, 2017

There’s nothing sweeter than the teeny-tiniest kitty in the litter, so small and sweet that no one can resist its charm, right? Well, in the animal world, it is not quite like that. When a mother animal senses that her youngster is not strong and vigorous, she will often reject it in favor of the more robust members of the litter. This cruel rejection goes against our human nature, which is to protect the small and weak.

It is fortunate for the darling little Calico in our story, that one kind human listens to his heart and brings her home. He does not let her tiny size dissuade him from making her a member of his family. In fact, as far as he is concerned, it only adds to her charm! 

Under the dedicated care of her human papa, this kitty begins to thrive and grow. Her appetite is enormous and she eagerly gulps down the kitten formula she is fed. In no time at all, she bonds with her “daddy,” and quickly learns that she’s happiest when she’s snuggled up right next to him.

We all know that babies need a lot of sleep, and it is no different for this baby. When it’s her nap time, she picks out the most perfect, secure, and cozy spot she can find in which to snuggle up for her snooze. With all the options she has at her disposal, you might expect her to climb up onto her daddy’s lap, or maybe on his shoulder, as most cats would do. Not this kitten.

She has her own idea as to what "comfortable" means and you will definitely wonder why she chooses this crazy location. Although we don't recommend this for your next nap, we encourage you to keep an open mind. The only thing that matters is that our kitty thinks it’s just fine! She has no trouble, whatsoever, nodding off for her blissful cat nap.

You’ll definitely get a chuckle or two when you see where she settles in, and you'll cheer about the wonderful life she now has, thanks to her hero daddy, who took her home to be his very own baby. Click on the video, below, to enjoy more darling photos of her adventures in her new home.

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