This Police Officer Did Something Extraordinary When He Got A Call About An Unruly Customer At The Bank. What He Did Next Is What Makes Him A Hero

October 16, 2017

Officer Robert Josett is quite an exceptional police officer and, in my book, stands above the rest. Officer Josett works for Montebello Police Department, which is ten miles outside of Los Angeles. One day, Josett took a call that came into the station, about an unruly customer at the local Bank of America.

When he showed up at the bank, he found a very unhappy 92-year-old man. The man was quite upset because he had tried to withdraw money from his account and had been denied because his ID had recently expired. The bank's policy is that you must have a current ID to do those types of transactions. So you can imagine the frustration the man must have had to not be able to withdraw his funds.

When Officer Josett approached the gentlemen, he did something completely out of the ordinary. Instead of escorting the elderly man out of the bank, he led him to his squad car and drove him to the DMV to get a new ID. After getting the new ID, the officer then drove him back to the bank to resume his original quest. The whole thing was posted on Facebook and went viral. This is what the post said:

“Earlier today, officers responded to the Bank of America in Montebello regarding a patron who was causing a disturbance. Upon the officer’s arrival, he discovered that a 92-year-old man was trying to withdraw money from his account, however, his California identification card was expired. Per the bank's policy, because his identification card was expired, they were unable to fulfill his request. The gentleman was upset and the police were called.”

“Officer Robert Josett decided to take the man to the DMV in town to help him renew his identification card. With the assistance of the DMV, his identification card was renewed and he was taken back to the bank at which time he was able to withdraw money from his account. He thanked Officer Josett and went on his way.”

Officer Josett went above-and-beyond the call of duty. This extraordinary policeman could have done just the minimum but, instead, he saw an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. We love this story so much and we hope you do too!

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