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This Precious Dog Was Abandoned, Living in a Cemetery, Until These People Came and Changed Everything

December 16, 2016

The Hope For Paws rescue team received a call notifying them of a skittish little dog who had been roaming around an old, remote cemetery for quite some time. For weeks, people had tried to befriend the little pup but to no avail. They decided to use their best tactics to save the homeless little canine. Knowing her current condition and that she would likely be hungry, they attempted to gain her trust by bringing out some small bits of food.


She quickly took notice and began to follow the trail of food until she reached one of the rescuers. She looked at them as if unsure of their intentions and before long, they were able to rescue her successfully. Though she was very panicked and afraid initially, within moments, they were able to pet her and show her love. As soon as she realized they were there to help her rather than hurt her, she became extremely loving and friendly. They took her back to their rescue center where she received medical attention.


While we may never know what this sweet little pup has seen or endured in her lifetime, we do know that her future is now bright in the arms of loving and caring individuals. Sometimes, all it takes is a little time, love, and attention to completely change someone's future. We are thankful to the Hope For Paws team for answering the call to help this once homeless and helpless little dog. Check out the video below to see her full story.

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