This Puppy Defeats Every Dog’s Household Nemesis And It’s Absolutely Adorable

July 12, 2017

One of my favorite things about new puppies is their curiosity. Whether they’re finding themselves in a pile of blankets or sliding on the hardwood floors, puppies prove time and time again that they are some of the cutest creatures in the world, especially when they’re making discoveries.

One couple recently brought home a new Yellow Labrador puppy named Daisy. Since her first day home, Daisy had been curiously wandering through her new home making new and exciting discoveries. First, she discovered ice cubes, then she experienced doggy toys. Before long, Daisy had been crowned a professional explorer of her new home.

Daisy’s most recent discovery happened upon the top of the stairs. While spending the morning with her owners upstairs, the time had come to make the move to the first level of the house. Her owner made her way downstairs, expecting Daisy to follow right behind her. However, it was only a couple of steps down before her owner realized that her tiny shadow was nowhere to be found.

The owner’s eyes immediately spotted Daisy at the top of stairs, apprehensive and confused. Daisy paced the top, unsure of the next step- literally. After a couple minutes of feeling stuck, she had realized her first nemesis of her new home: The Stairs.

For a couple minutes Daisy paced back and forth, not knowing whether to go down the steps or turn around and retreat back into the bedroom. She cautiously put her tiny paw out, wishfully thinking she could just walk straight forward. But of course, Daisy’s paw dropped and she backed away in disbelief and defeat.

After a couple minutes of Daisy struggling at the top of stairs, she received some help from another four-legged companion. Simon, Daisy’s new older brother, ran to Daisy’s rescue. Simon was a veteran of the household nemesis and did all that he could lead his new roomie to victory on the stairs.

With a little help and a lot of encouragement, Daisy finally made it down the staircase one step at a time. The owners rejoiced and cheered as she clumsily made her way down. With a new sense of pride, Daisy walked away from the stairs feeling like a champion! Check out the video below to see an adorable puppy overcome the notorious doggy nemesis.

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