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This Shocking Detail About Royal Baby No. 3 Is Leaked, Causing People To Scratch Their Heads In Utter Disbelief

March 29, 2018

There is much to know about the British Royal Family. Their unique lifestyle is unlike most, causing us to watch their every move in wide-eyed wonderment. Not only is their way of life noteworthy, but the upstanding characters of many in the palace are worth mentioning. Some of the biggest names in the news as of late are Prince William and Kate Middleton.

When news initially broke that the lovely couple was expecting their third child, the internet went wild with excitement. Their other children, Prince George (4) and Princess Charlotte (2), have made the news on numerous occasions and the world loves them as if they know them personally. I can only imagine the adoration people will show once their third sibling joins the family.

It’s only a matter of time until the newest bundle of joy will be born. Many have speculated that he or she will come on April 23, St. George’s Day, but as of late, signs are proving that the arrival might be sooner than expected.

As of late, new information has surfaced about the little newcomer, and it’s vastly different than you’d expect. When the baby is born, he or she will be considered a prince or princess. One shocking twist about this information is that this baby will technically be considered a commoner. This baby isn’t the only commoner in the family. Shocking, right? Here’s why.

According to Royal historian, Marlene Koenig, “It sounds complicated, but in the U.K., the only people who are not commoners are the Sovereign and peers of the realm, [people with titles like] Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron.”

This statement proves that not only will this baby be a commoner, but his or her uncle, Prince Harry, is technically a commoner as of now as well. Once he is officially married and is granted a new title by the Queen (if she so permits to do so), he will then be a commoner no more.

It’s a complicated web of information when it comes to the rules and regulations in the royal household. Thankfully, the Queen can keep all these details sorted out!


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