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This Slow Moving Baby Is Quickly Capturing Hearts!

April 26, 2017


Oh my! What a cutie! Meet Lua, she is a baby Linné’s two-toed sloth!

 Lua, which means "moon" in Portugese, was born at the Memphis Zoo on March 17th 2017 to parents Marilyn and Sparky, sadly Marilyn's last two babies did not survive, so the zoo has decided it is best to hand raise baby Lua. 

“We are very excited about the birth of Lua,” said Matt Thompson, Director of Animal Programs. “This is a fascinating species and a genetically significant birth. We’re looking forward to this unique opportunity of hand-rearing our little one.” 

 Could you imagine giving birth while hanging upside down? Well, that is how the sloths do it! This makes sense since sloths generally do hang out upside down most of their lives. 


Like all baby sloths, baby Lua was born with developed claws that are used to cling to and help them hang from their mama's belly for the first several weeks after birth.  Since Lua is being raised by the keepers, she ever so sweetly clings to this stuffed elephant instead. This will help build the strength in her arms she will need to eventually hang upside down from trees all day. 

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