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This Spunky Cat Has 280,000 Followers On Instagram And Her Own Line Of Merchandise, When You See Her You'll Understand Why

August 15, 2017

It’s no surprise that cats are widely recognized as internet stars in today’s world with their playful antics and adorable faces. Many cats have captivated the world over from the cat playing the piano, to grumpy cat. Now, it’s time for a new Princess to take over the throne of Internet Cat Famedom!

Princess Monster Truck was found on the mean streets of New York. Her owners were walking home one night when she came out of a bush. Her fur was horribly matted, and when her mother first saw her she actually shrieked! Princess Monster Truck is all black and with her underbite, when she made the loud meow/howl they actually weren’t sure what creature was in front of them!

Princess Monster Truck or PMT as she’s also known, followed her new family home that night. Her new dad would carry her part of the way then let her walk, and they went back and forth like this their entire way home.

They feared her horrific underbite was the result of an injury she had sustained during her time on the streets, but thankfully it was genetic. This kind of horrible underbite is commonly seen in Persian cats like Princess Monster Truck, and is the result of bad genetics.

Princess Monster Truck was happy at her new home, and her owners loved sharing photographs of their little girl. After receiving multiple requests, the regal girl was given her very own Instagram and her fame began to grow from there. Her instagram has 280,000 followers and continues to grow every day!

Now, you can even buy shirts, sweatshirts and even bags all with her face on it! Princess Monster Truck’s merchandise has even been sported by dogs! 

Since being found on the streets, starving and matted, this royal cat has come a long way and I’m sure she still has a long way left to go in her rise to fame. She’s living the good life that every stray deserves. 

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