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This Stray Cat Gave Birth To Her Kittens In The Middle Of A 60 Foot Pipe, Watch The Amazing Rescue Here

August 24, 2017

There is no love quite like a momma and her babies, as a momma will fight to the death for her babies. A momma cat will use her teeth and claws to fight for her babies when faced with a threat. However, when this momma was faced with what many would see as a threat, she seemed to understand that her kittens were safe at the hands of the rescuer.

When Hope for Paws heard about a momma cat who had recently had kittens, they didn’t realize just how difficult of a rescue it would be. Nutella is the tortoiseshell cat who gave birth to four kittens in the center of a sixty foot pipe near a Costco. When Eldad and Lisa with Hope for paws arrived on the scene, they saw for the first time just how far into the pipe that Nutella and her kittens were. They realized how unequipped for the situation they were, and decided to return the next day.

The following day, they arrived with reinforcements from Room 8 Cat Rescue and Smashface Rescue. They taped a flashlight and camera to an RC car, and tied rope to the back of the car as well, so they would be able to get a look at the family. Momma cat hissed and was not a fan of the intruder. They were able to observe momma and her four kittens, before pulling the car back out of the pipe.

Next, they taped poles together to make a 60’ long pole! They wrapped the end in towels to make a soft pole and set a trap at the end of one of the pipe. They reached into the pipe using the pole and managed to get Nutella to run out of the pipe and get caught in the trap. Terrified, she began to fight and they had to cover her quickly with a blanket to stop her from injuring herself.

Once momma was safe and sound, then came time to collect the kittens. They added more towels over the pole to make it a tight fit, and drove the RC car down the other side, so they could watch the progress. Carefully, they used the padded pole to push the kittens out of the pipe. As they pushed, the kittens became hidden beneath the leaves and litter so they could not see them. Thankfully, the kittens emerged from the end of the pipe safely! 

They decided that since the family was so sweet, they deserved sweet names! The kittens have been named Toffee, Snickers, BonBon and Nougat. JoAnn Wiltz who had been a part of the rescue offered to foster the young family! 

Nutella and her family are now available for adoption through Room 8, and I’m sure it won’t be long until this adorable family is in a home of their very own. Momma Nutella did her best to take care of her family, and she is sure to find a home that will love her just as much as she loves her kittens!

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