This Veteran Ran The Risk Of Freezing To Death - Until These School Children Jumped In To Help

July 31, 2017

Eddie Browning is a navy veteran who served the United States, and now the citizens are paying him back the best way they know how.  Eddie and his wife, Cindy, were living in a camper they had placed on their land when tragedy struck. Their home had caught fire, after falling into disrepair. As a result of all the damage, they were left exposed to the elements in the middle of winter.


Students at Elm Street Elementary School in Rome, Georgia heard about the Browning’s dilemma and decided to do what they could to help. The children built a tiny house to donate to the veteran, but when they had trouble finding a place to put it legally, word got out about their project. Donors across the country began to contribute to the project and the tiny house the children had built, was added onto. The original design the children had was for a truly tiny house, with enough room for a sleeping bag and some essentials but with no kitchen or bathroom. With all of the contributions the house grew into a 248 square foot home.

The new home features a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as a large bed. The small house the children had built was kept as a second bedroom for the couple. The couple were presented with their new house at the Georgia Tiny House Festival. The Brownings were amazed by this act of generosity from the children, and are glad to be in a house where they do not have to fear freezing to death. The house will be placed on their property so the couple can remain where they are happiest. As for the children, they plan to try and build a tiny house every year.


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