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Woman Risks All To Save A Dog’s Life. When You Hear What He’s Been Through, You’ll Understand Why She Had To Help

October 05, 2017

Sailor is a gorgeous little poodle who had been living terrified and alone on the mean streets of Los Angeles. His life was full of fear and immense hunger. He wandered the streets, never knowing where his next meal would come from, or where he would sleep that night. He lived wild - exposed to the elements with nowhere to call home.

Hope For Paws is a Los Angeles-based animal rescue that specializes in helping save dogs in terrible situations or awful conditions. The rescue is run by Eldad, Lisa, and Loreta, and they work extremely hard to save these dogs and get them placed in homes where they will never have to fear again.


When Eldad and Loreta heard of Sailor’s plight, they knew this plucky poodle needed their help, and they jumped into action. When they arrived on the scene, Sailor was running directly toward a freeway on-ramp! With a little bit of luck and know-how, they maneuvered him away from the freeway, only to watch him take off again, this time straight into the street, almost getting hit by a car.

Sailor took off at a fast run, fleeing from them. He had no way of knowing if they intended to be a friend or to cause him harm, as so many others had. Loreta followed on foot, while Eldad returned for the car. When Eldad caught back up with Loreta, she’d lost sight of Sailor! Eldad quickly realized that the frightened dog had run into a yard whose fence was open.


When they shut the gate behind them, Eldad began the process of capturing Sailor, but Sailor was too fast for him and took off back toward the fence. What they didn’t know then though, was there was a hole in the gate and Sailor was beginning to wriggle through. Loreta made the split-second decision to risk it all to save this dog, and she grabbed him by his tail, knowing he would most likely spin to bite her. In so doing she was risking her life because this was a stray animal. With a stray, it is unknown what shots, if any, it has had. For all Loreta knew, he could be carrying rabies or a handful of other diseases or bacteria that could cause her serious harm.

It was lucky for the brave woman that the pup was unable to land a blow. Once they finished leashing the terrified dog, he began to calm down and learn to trust them. After a visit to the vet, a good shaving of his dirty, matted fur, and a bit of delicious food, he quickly became a friendly and lovable dog.

Thanks to Loreta’s dedication to rescuing, and her unwillingness to give up on Sailor when he needed her most, this magnificent dog now has the chance to live a normal life. He will never again have to wonder where he’ll be sleeping at night or where his next meal will come from.

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