This Year's Puppy Bowl is Featuring Three INCREDIBLY Special Pups

January 11, 2017

Animals lovers of all shapes and sizes wait in anticipation for this bowl game.

No, it's not the Super Bowl, as one would suspect. It's the PUPPY BOWL! It's exactly as it sounds - puppies playing football. What's not to love?!

The event airs on Super Bowl Sunday and will feature 78 super adorable AND adoptable puppies.

Animal Planet recently released the roster for this year's game and it definitely does NOT disappoint!


The really amazing thing that sets this year apart from others is that three VERY special puppies are going to be playing this year.

These pooches are special-needs players and boy are they cute!!

Meet Winston, who has vision and hearing impairments. He's not going to let his disabilities hold him back! I mean, look at that game face!

And Lucky, who's only got three legs but can still compete with the best of them!

And finally, Doobert, who is completely deaf but has a keen eye for the ball!

Here are just a few more players that surely will steal your heart in a matter of minutes!

Too cute for words, right?! I'll take them all!

To check out the full lineup on Animal Plant, click HERE!