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This Young ELEPHANT Doesn't Seem To Realize He Is Not A House Pet! [VIDEO]

April 13, 2017

Roxy is Moyo's surrogate mother.

Nothing unusual there except for the fact that Moyo is a 14 most old BABY ELEPHANT!

When Moyo was just a few days old he was separated from his pack and nearly drowned while trying to cross a river.

Luckily for Moyo he was found by rangers and brought to Roxy's animal haven called "Wild is Life". 

Roxy has rescued many species of animals such as African cats, primates and species of birds. 

Moyo however presents an even BIGGER challenge. 

Moyo has a favorite sofa he loves to sit on while hanging out on Roxy's porch; however he seems to be outgrowing it! 

Moyo seems to think that there is nothing wrong with him following Roxy into the kitchen of her home either! 

Finding anything and everything to put his trunk into, Moyo is no stranger to making an elephant size mess!

You would think that Moyo is a house pet if he wasn't outgrowing the house at rapid rates! 

No matter his size, Moyo has a special place in Roxy's heart and an inquisitive personality so adorable that you can't help but love him! 

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