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This Young Mom Was Abandoned On The Streets, But She Never Forgot How To Trust

October 02, 2017

Dogs are some of the most loyal and loving companions known to man, and it’s sad that they are frequently abused or neglected. Often, because of their kind and caring nature, they are forced to undergo horrific terrors or suffer horrible neglect that will leave you weeping. Summer is a rare Berger Picard dog who was found abandoned on the streets of Los Angeles, turned loose, and left to fend for herself when her owners stopped caring for her.

Summer is a gorgeous and friendly dog, and she’s so well-rounded that you’d never believe that she ever suffered any neglect or abuse. When she was found on the streets, scared and alone, she was doing her best to care for her newborn puppies.

When Hope For Paws heard about the dog who had lain down in some bushes and given birth to puppies, they knew there was no time to waste, and raced over to help. When they arrived on the scene, they found the gentle dog curled up in the brush along a fence.

Summer never once tried to flee and never fought against the rescuers, even when they started to remove her six puppies. When all of the puppies were removed, she left the brush, as well, without a fight. They then quickly loaded up the young family and took them to get a health check.

Summer and the pups received a clean bill of health and were soon placed into a foster home. The adorable young pups were quickly named Tanner, Diver, Surfer, Shelly, Sunny, and Sandy. This happy family was spared a hard life on the streets thanks to one person who sought help for her when she needed it most.

Stray dogs give birth to thousands of puppies every year in the United States, and those strays quickly grow into ferals who are often unadoptable. If people would spay and neuter their animals, thousands of lives every year could be spared from a hard life on the streets and a horrible death.

The young family is now living together while the puppies grow big enough to go on to homes of their own. Then, it will be Summer’s turn to find a home where she will be cherished and loved as this sweet girl deserves.

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