Meghan Markle’s Dad Suffers Tragically Days Before Wedding, Leaving Megan And Royal Family Praying For A Miracle

May 14, 2018

Heartbreaking news of Meghan Markle's father has been released only days before her wedding. The news regarding Thomas Markle is both terrifying and confusing. Now, just days from the wedding, unfortunate reality has set in for Meghan and her father. 

Thomas, who lives in Mexico, has been under constant harassment by the paparazzi. Since news of the engagement, photographers and reporters have made it their mission to have learned anything and everything they can about Thomas Markle. 

Now, just until days before the wedding, Thomas has remained working hard to stay behind closed doors. There have been several media outlets that swore that he wouldn't be joining the wedding; either for health reasons, relationship drama with his daughter, or because of money. 

On May 3, Kensington Palace issued a statement sharing that Meghan's father would indeed walk her down the aisle, while her mother, Doria, waited at the end of the aisle. 

However, only days before the wedding, heartbreaking news hit the internet. It was learned the Thomas Markle had suffered from a heart attack. Many believe that the father of the bride has a heart attack due to stress, but so far, nothing has been confirmed. 

TMZ shared that Thomas suffered from a heart attack only days before he was scheduled to fly to London for the wedding. Thomas reportedly checked himself out early so that he could plan for the trip. And while his whereabouts remain anonymous, many believe that he will is still in the hospital and will not be making the wedding at all. 

This can be a very stressful time in someone's life, and it's likely the stress of the upcoming nuptials sent him over the edge. Please pray for his health as this a serious crisis. We hope that Thomas' health begins returning soon!

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