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Thousands Flee Following Volcano Eruption On Hawaiian Island After Hundreds Of Earthquakes Strike

May 04, 2018

On Hawaii’s Big Island, plumes of volcanic ash billowed up into the sky on Thursday, signaling the true beginning of a scary incident. For four days prior, the eastern part of the island had been shaken by hundreds of earthquakes.

The earthquakes began on Monday after there was a partial collapse of the crater floor at Puu Oo. Around 250 earthquakes have been recorded since then, with most having a magnitude of around 2.0, although they had earthquakes all the way up to a 5.0!

When the earthquakes began, residents were warned that it was likely that Mount Kilauea was preparing to erupt and that they should prepare to evacuate. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, so this eruption was not too surprising to anyone.

Late Thursday afternoon, a crack began in Kilauea’s rift zone, sending lava down towards a community of over 1,700 people. Residents were ordered to evacuate as the lava began to flow down and into the area, destroying everything in its path.

While the lava itself may be the biggest threat at this time, it’s certainly not the only threat they have to face after this eruption. High levels of sulfur dioxide have been detected in the evacuated area. Anyone who comes in contact with the gas could suffer life-threatening problems, including difficulty breathing and burning of the nose and throat.

Please pray for all affected by this awful tragedy, as it is surely only going to continue to get worse until the lava flow stops. These families will need help getting back on their feet after losing their homes and belongings, so please be sure to keep them in your prayers.

This is a frightening story, and we thought we could follow it up with a video that is sure to get a smile out of anyone! We hope you enjoy the video below!