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3 ‘Bandits’ Caught Red-Handed In A Dumpster. Watch As An Accomplice Facilitates Their Daring Escape

October 20, 2017

You may or may not be a fan of raccoons. Regardless, it’s hard to feel anything but compassion for animals trapped in a situation from which they cannot escape. Three little “bandits” trapped in a garbage dumpster are in need of some “aiding and abetting” if they are going to break out of their “prison” and make their way to freedom.

Three ravenous raccoons thought the answer to their dinner dilemma could be found at the bottom of a garbage dumpster. It was only after they arrived inside of their “restaurant” that they realized that they hadn’t thought things through to the end-game.

Once they had feasted on the scrumptious scraps that humans had deemed unworthy for their own palates, it was time to head back home to sleep off their after-dinner sluggishness. Uh-oh! There seems to be a problem with that part of the plan.

They had entered the dumpster with the assistance of gravity, but there was no such natural force that would be able to help them make an exit with similar ease. The three brothers have full bellies but no way to freedom.

Enter one kind-hearted passerby who has an idea that just might solve the raccoons’ predicament. He has a wooden plank that should be just the right length to reach to the bottom of the raccoons’ confines. He places the board at an angle and invites the boys to climb out.

One-by-one, the scoundrels make their walk of shame, up the plank to freedom. As they emerge from the depths of their confinement, they pause to give a sheepish glance at their savior, without whom they would likely be stuck in the trash indefinitely.

Goodbye, little friends! I hope you’ll think twice next time before you go looking for a meal at the bottom of a dumpster. No matter how good the snacks look from above, the view from inside is not as pleasant. The momentary satisfaction you feel as you are enjoying your banquet is definitely not worth the trouble you’ll find when it’s time to head home!

You can watch the bandits' daring prison-break in the video, below!

What would you have done in this man's place? Be honest!

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