What Does Your Thumb Shape And Size Reveal About Your Personality?

September 13, 2017

It’s said that various physical features of your body align with your personality traits. Some people compare differences in toe sizes, others compare differences in fingers and palms. In the video, below, you’ll find information that can tell you more about your personality based on the size and shape of your thumb. Examine your thumbs and see how well your personality lines up with the information!  

1. Straight Thumb/Crooked Thumb

If you have a straight thumb, you likely have a more serious personality. If your thumb is crooked, you find it easy to express yourself and you don't take things in life too seriously.

2. First Half Of Thumb Is Longer Than Lower Half

You tend to be a hard-working person who eventually achieves your goals. You are also very faithful in relationships and tend to put others before yourself.

3. Lower Half Of Thumb Is Longer Than First Half

You are a meticulous thinker and make decisions carefully. You are often thought to be an over-thinker, when, in all actuality, you simply want to weigh all options before making final decisions.

4. Both Upper And Lower Halves Of Thumb Are Equal

You have a balanced life and make logical decisions. You are also a planner and sometimes have a tendency to overthink things.

5. Flexible Thumb

You have an easy-going nature.

6. Stiff Thumb

You make very logical, well thought out decisions and aren't apt to change.

Which thumb looks most like yours? Does your personality line up with your thumb shape? Check out the video, below, to see the rest of the characteristics!

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